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Monday, June 25, 2012

A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.         

The word Freelance means a person who sells services to employer without a long term contract or commitment in other words a person who is self-employed and not committed to a specific employer long term. Now a days there are a lot of persons who are working as a freelancer as it’s a platform where you can sell your skills easily to earn money. Here you can get predefined projects in a predefined deadline. Everyone needs an ideal job and freelancer is the online portal where you can get work of your choice.

As a freelancer, you need to enter into a contract. This contract is basis of contact between you and the employer. The contract is that you will do a certain type of work, you can do this work from any location depend on your choice, and the work is usually on a project-by-project basis. In return, you get paid by the employer and this is the mutual understanding between you and the employer. 

1. How To Get Start With Freelancer:

It’s very easy to get start with Freelancer. What you need is skills. If you have skills you can start anytime to work as a Freelancer. Skill refers to any work on which you are good at. Below are the easiest steps to get start with freelancer.

1.1 Get Enrolled:-
First of all you have to register yourself at www.freelancer.com its just one click far. Click on the signup and fill out the form and get a username and password.

1.2  Update Your Profile:-
Visit profile section and get your profile updated. It will help you to get projects and for the employer to know on whom they are investing. Updating profile is a very important step which a freelancer must need to do without it your profile has no value.

1.3  Find Projects:-
You have to browse projects in the field you are interested in. Once you visit that category you will find a lot of projects posted by employers select the one which you  can deliver on define deadline. Of course the fee is an important factor for which you have to survey the market. Put your bids and once the employer has selected you for this you can start your work with provided details.

1.4  Get Paid:-
To get paid you have to complete the pre-define project on the align deadline. 

2. Get All In One Platter:

Everyone wants all variety in ones. This is a common need which you will find in all people. Everyone wants to earn as much as he or she can. To fulfill this you need freedom to work as much as you want with anyone. Here I am giving you a very simple example. Suppose you are visiting a good restaurant and you are going there first time and you want to taste different varieties of food but you know you can’t order all in one visit because you can only eat one or two course of meal in one time so, most  of restaurants gives you a choice to order all in once which is called “Platter” in order to taste variety of foods in a very reasonable price. You can taste variety of food and also can save money by ordering Platter. Freelancer is also offering the same “Platter” for their users. Freelancer is offering a bundle of categories to work on. You can post bids to get different projects and you can work on many projects depend on your account type. You can’t avail these many choices in other portals. So in short Freelancer is giving you all in one platter and now it’s your choice either you want to have it or just leave it for others so, the choice is yours.

3. Best Professionals Among The World:

Every organization wants to hire best professionals and of course to get the best employee in their company they need to pay a handsome package to the employee. There are lot of talented persons across the market but you can’t hire all of them also there are other developed countries who’s professionals have more talent which you can’t find locally and to get that talented professional in your country is very costly. Freelancer is allowing you to hire best professionals among the world. There are bundle of persons from different countries who are working as a freelancer. You just need to post the project you want to get it done through them and you can give that project to a freelancer whom you think can do it within your budget. Freelancer is helping like a star in dark. It’s good for the employers as well as for the employees. To stay touch with freelancer and it helps you to stay connected with the current market of professionals.

4. Work From Home:

Working from home can be a very rewarding experience. In recent years, it has become more and more popular as an alternative means of employment. 

Now a days a lot of companies in different countries has started to offer  their employees to work a day or two from home. This is helping in a lot of things. This is a very effective method to save the cost of the fuel and other expenses they are using to be at office. It also helps the nature in order to go green. 

Work from home option allows the employee not to drive for the office hence; low traffic low in pollution can save the nature. The power of freelancer has made it possible to create an abundance of work at home opportunities. If you have decided you want to start work from home, but don't know where to start, the following information may be helpful.

Because the purpose of start working from home is to make money and have more time to spend with your family, if you do not want to waste your time or money on a scam than simply visit www.freelancer.com. It offers you a lot of projects which you can do from your home. 

5. Easy To Earn With Your Skills

Every person have some skills in which some skills are God gifted and some you got during your life. People can earn money by doing job in the field they are interested in, also they learn a lot of other skills while doing the job but no one think that they can even earn more money by using the same skills. You can see a lot of persons across you who are very talented but doing same routine job or finding a full time job in order to earn money. Seriously they are wasting their talent. If you have skills you can earn money very easily through freelancer. It allows earning money by using your skills.

Some people know that they can earn money through freelancer but they don’t know how to get start or they are confused that what skills they can offer? If you are working in finance department so, you probably don’t want to be a freelance investment banker but as you are spending your all day in analyzing you can do the same for the others by using freelancer and offering the services of Microsoft Excel. You will find a lot of project posted in the field of Microsoft Excel. One more example some of the people are good in communication but they don’t know how they can start with there skills. They can easily offer their services in communication section and can earn money.

6. Brush Up On Your Skills

It’s very necessary to stay in touch with your skills before they get rust. People are spending a lot in getting skills like, Graphics, Web Designing, Software Developer etc. but if you do not stay tuned with using it then it will get rust for sure. Visit Freelancer now to stay tuned with your skills by completing projects.

7. Tips For Freelancers:

  • Always focus in one targeted area in which you are expert in.
  • Always get yourself prepared and updated for new and latest trends.  Also make sure that you equip yourself with latest technologies.
  • Always do proper planning for your upcoming projects and works.
  • Bid only if you are confident about completing given task.
  • Avoid projects which have a hint of captcha typing. These are bid wasting projects.
  • Always show your true abilities to the employer, getting selected and not being able to complete given job will hurt both you and the employer.
  • Providing a sample of your previous work will impress the employer and can let you get more projects.
  • Try to complete work as fast as possible and please maintain quality with speed. If you can not do that "slow and steady wins the race" works for you.
  • Communication is a key to success, try to keep the employer informed of important changes and key developments of the project.
  • Don’t rate too high bids to attract buyers, it is apparent that freelancers are capable of doing quality work for less price.


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