Saturday, January 4, 2014

How To Create A Website?

Friday, October 12, 2012


A website is an online platform to which users are connected through Internet. A website contains text, images, video, audio and much more.

Stuff Needed To Create A Website?

  • Domain
  • Web server
  • Skills


A domain is an identification for a particular website. Domain works on procedures of  DNS (Domain Name System). A domain can be purchased from well known websites.

Web Server

A web server is basically a data storage. It stores data of websites. It is commonly used to host websites.


To create a website we need to connect a domain to a web server. we can connect a domain to a web server through name servers. All we need to do is change the name servers of domain to the name servers provided by the web host company.

Facebook Likes To Bring Traffic To Your Site

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Facebook is currently a social networking website with good rank, large amount of people hangout there daily. Webmasters can bring traffic to their websites using FB, to bring traffic follow these steps.

1) Be friend with big page owners and tell them to like your page and add new info or anything to which the    
     page belongs with reference to your page.

2) Make new friends and tell them to like your page.

3) Upload pics on your page and tag your friends so pics will be shown on their friends walls (This may              increase activity on your page and possibly will give you some likes.

4) Add facebook like box to your website so your visitors can like you and can get updated by Facebook.

How To SEO A Blog Complete Guide

Saturday, August 4, 2012

On Page SEO:

Outbound Links:

Decrease linking to low quality sites only link to sites which are respected and well optimized, Do not over link to other websites this may decrease you reputation.

Inbound Links:

Inbound linking really matters this is also know as internal linking i have already wrote a article about this way of linking.


New content is the basis on which search engines rank websites the more new and epic content you update on your blog the more you will be ranked good. (Update Less But Update with good content)

Site Age:

Search Engines specially google consider old as gold but gold can only be worthy if it is polished means if old domains are updated with newer content so it can be a good point for their rankings.

Off Page SEO:


Backlinks are the main factor of off page seo the good backlinks you get more stronger is your off page SEO.

This article is not completed, It will be updated weekly with new factors and tricks.

PR Updated 2nd August 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

As we all know Google Pagerank got updated reply with

(What You Achieved What You Lose ??)

Inner Backlink Building Structure For Beginners

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Links from other websites which points to your website are backlinks. Due to major changes in algorithms these links can be a big issue in degrade of rankings but inner linking structure is still alive, inner link structure works on method mention below.

Page 1 <<<<< Links to >>>>>>> Page 2
Page 2 <<<<< Links to >>>>>>> Page 3
Page 3 <<<<< Links to >>>>>>> Page 1

Note: Avoid over backlinking to a single page. Only have 2-3 links to a single page of a blog/website.

Get Better Search Engine Rankings

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Things To Do:

Good Content:

Content does not need to be updated constantly create less articles but good written, Written content is better then images.

Link to Good Sites:

Linking to good sites is better then linking to bad sites (link farms) and having links from some good sites is good as gold.


Search Engines mostly Google see old as gold, Google bots pay more attention on old sites but other factors are must needed to be followed only age can not give you a good ranking.

these are only some major things will have a update soon, enjoy.